Saint James Hospital, Tripoli

Saint James Hospital Libya first opened its doors in 2006 with a small specialized clinic in Ben Ashour, the heart of the Libyan Capital City.

Since then the clinic has gradually expanded its services to offer a wide range of medical services supported by an experienced team of local and foreign, resident and visiting medical consultants.

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The main services offered include:

  • Comprehensive Laboratory
  • Operating Theatre
  • Endoscopy Theatre
  • Private Patient Rooms
  • Dental and Implantology Unit
  • Out Patient Consulting Rooms
  • Cardiac laboratory
  • GP Services
  • Radiology Clinic
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Ophthalmic Services
  • Excimer Laser Treatment (vision correction using laser)

In 2012, another out-patient clinic was opened in Janzour. This clinic offers specialised services including:

  • GP Clinic
  • Laboratory
  • Cosmetic Dermatology Services including long term laser hair removal, botox and dermal fillers and smart liposuction.
  • Comprehensive eye clinic
  • Physiotherapy Department