About Saint James Hospital Group

Saint James Hospital Group provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services – ranging from simple blood tests to diagnostic scans, from cosmetic surgery to dental services, from hair removal by laser to complex surgery.

Saint James Hospital is ranked amongst the top private healthcare organizations on the Maltese Islands. As part of our International growth plan, we also operate clinics in Libya (Ben Ashour, Janzour and Serraj) in 2006, 2012 and 2013 respectively and we have opened a specialized eye hospital in Budapest Hungary in 2008. The Group will also be opening a 50 bed multidisciplinary hospital in Hay Damask, Libya in the second quarter of 2014

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Since conception, we have earned a reputation for innovation and excellence as we continue to provide expertise in healthcare disciplines, whilst translating medical knowledge into improved patient care.

Saint James Hospital was the brainchild of Dr Josie Muscat, the present Chairman of the group, and was founded in 1984.

By browsing through our Web Portal you will discover the path travelled by one doctor with a vision from a one-room clinic in Zabbar (to the south of Malta) right through its growth and evolution into the leading Private Healthcare Group on the Maltese Islands.

The Group now includes:

Malta: 2 Hospitals – one in Sliema and another in Zabbar, 2 Highway Clinics, one in Zebbug and another in Burmarrad, Transforma Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic in Attard and Smart City and Le Spa by Transforma in St Julians and Mellieha. A dedicated eye clinic is incorporated within the Sliema Hospital.

Libya: Hospital in Ben Ashour, A clinic in Janzour incorporating a physiotherapy unit, a GP Clinic in Palm City residences and a new Hospital is opening in May 2014 in Hay Damask.

Hungary: A specialized eye clinic in Budapest Hungary.

From consultations to major surgeries, from diagnosis to treatment, you will find that the majority of your medical requirements can be professionally addressed by our medical teams. Saint James Hospital Group believes in providing the best medical services to its clients, delivered by highly qualified professionals backed by hefty investment in the latest, state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Our website gives an overview of the services we offer in our Hospitals and Clinics and is regularly updated with additional information that users will find useful in the perusal of the site. In the toolbar above, by clicking on the Doctors’ Timetable you will gain access to the complete list of Doctors who work at Saint James Hospital and on which days and in which branches they serve.

The Hospital’s vision has always been to provide a centre of excellence in the healthcare sector and this revolves around four fundamental principles, namely:

  • Patients
  • Technology
  • Staff
  • Leading Consultants

Technology introduces new avenues in healthcare and medicine and it is here that the Saint James Hospital Group strives to offer a superior service to its patients by continuously investing in the latest equipment for both diagnostic investigations as well as for surgical procedures. Amongst the latest state of the art equipment, the Group boasts a 4 D ultrasound, a comprehensive digital radiology system, laser assisted surgery, an a.r.t. (infertility) laboratory, MRI and Spiral CT scan, and a PET CT Scanner, to name a few. Modern analysis techniques are used in our pathology laboratories.

Our surgical procedures cover a wide spectrum of needs and aim to provide the best facilities and the optimal treatment patients may require. These range from hip replacements, hernia repairs, cataract removal to cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiac surgery, ENT, gynae, urology, orthopaedic, ophthalmic, and laparoscopic surgery and much more.

Specialist outpatient clinics are held on a daily basis. As preventative healthcare plays an increasingly important role in everyday life, special screening packages are available, thus enabling early detection of medical problems. Full confidential reports are provided together with further advice and recommendations.

Hospital wards are headed by teams of trained, experienced and helpful consultants, doctors, nurses and health assistants, complemented by our most efficient housekeeping and maintenance staff.

The Saint James Hospital Group is committed to continue offering the high quality service and outstanding medical care which has earned it a reputation for excellence in private healthcare over the years.